Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Distress ink colouring

Hi all I havent done a card today as I have been practicing with my distress ink colouring I am still not getting it right but practice practice I still think I am a little to heavy handed with the ink 
but hey ho 

The first image I have to show you is Christmas hugs magnolia

 I used distress inks on this image did ok untill I messed up the background with to much black trying to create shadowing if I had left the black off it would have been ok I also then made it worse trying to fix it lol grrr very annoying when rest of image was ok

 I did this one with my distress markers I have watched a few tuts and they seem to be able to blend but it was just not happening to me this is the second image the first was a mess instead of going direct to paper with the pen then blending as this just did not work I scrimbled the ink on to a block then added water I also put a thin layer of water on the bit of the image I was colouring it sort of primed it and blended better. the face is a bit to dark for me and messed up the socks looks like she has been wearing them for a week lol and are very dirty so but hey this was the first attempt in colouring with my distress pens the hair I was very happy with and the blue dress turned out ok 

I just wanted to share my journey in colouring with distress ink and pens

hugs Wendy


  1. Hi Wendy, l think they look brilliant and to say they are your 1st attempt and like you say practice makes perfect, l'd be really happy if l had a card coloured with these images they looks fabulous and your skins tones are really good too! keep it up as your going to get even better the more you do the more confident you'll become with experience:)x

  2. Hi Wendy I've just found your blog, I love your DI painting, I've just started to have a go at it myself. Have fun crafting, Teresa x